• Margaret Rollings

Sleep like a baby

Things we can all do to get a better nights sleep!

- Get out side in the morning light. This will help you sleep better the following night.

- Exercise earlier in the day. Moving that body in the morning helps night-time sleeping.

-Cut out screen time in the evening. It gives the body the impression that its not time to sleep.

- Create a regular time to go to bed every night. Routine is important in training the body to sleep.

- Limit Caffeine and sugar from 12.00pm onward.

- Make sure the bedroom is dark enough. create a relaxing space that encourages relaxation.

- Take the time to have a bath or shower to cool or warn your body as you set fit.

- Meditate if you are so inclined. Quiet your mind without further visual impute. eg. TV, phone and other screens.

- Purchase an old fashion alarm clock and leave the phone at least 1 metre away from your head.

Any or all of these actions will promote better settling and quality of sleep for us all. If you are still struggling give me a call. I can support you further.

Sleeping is one of the major factors in helping us have a fabulous day each and every day.

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